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LA2-RC1-HUV  uses both True HEPA and UVGI technology to remove viruses from the air stream. Safe Virus and Bacteria control.


LA2-RC1-HUV Kills Viruses and Bacteria 2 Ways.

LakeAir Product kills viruses

In response to a request from Homeland Security we have developed a HEPA / UVGI Air Purifier. The LA2-RC2-HUV uses 2 proven technologies to capture and kill viruses and bacteria. Unlike so many other systems the LA2-RC1 moves large volumes of air to clean a large area. 6 air changes per hour are achieved in a 30 x 30 space. The LA2-RC1-HUV is safe to use in any occupied space. It’s all steel construction and high-grade components provides a long lasting solution to the new reality we find ourselves in.

2 Proven Technologies +

The LA2-RC1-HUV uses both HEPA / UVGI Air Purifier technologies to provide superior protection from anything in the air we breathe. Actually, there are 3 outstanding filtering technologies at work here. We have added activated carbon filtration as well. These 3 filtering systems are combined to provide a high level of protection against all airborne assaults. HEPA filtration is highly effective against all particulate. While it is only tested to 0.3 microns, it captures much smaller particles. Including those as small tiny viruses. 

UV-C rays kills microbial organisms. What it really does is alter its DNA so that it is no longer able to reproduce. If a virus cannot propagate, it can’t spread. UV-C rays neuter the virus or kills it out right. UV-C rays is likely the best way to be rid of airborne pathogens. We set up our filtration methods in the best way to achieve overall superior results.

The 3rd filtration technology is Activated Carbon. Activated carbon removes harmful gasses from the airstream through adsorption. In an environment where so many chemical and photocatalyst reactions are happening, it is important  to clean the air of those things no particulate filter or sanitizing rays can remove. These 3 filter technologies combine to provide protection from any airborne contamination.


LakeAir HEPA /UV Air Purifier

HEPA / UV Germicidal Irradiation / Activated Carbon Filtration Clean The Air

HEPA Filtration and Microscopic Entrapment

HEPA filters are actively tested for filtration down to 0.3 Microns. This does not mean they cannot trap smaller particles. In fact, they are found to do a better job on even smaller.  In 2016 NASA did a study on submicron particles (less than 1 micron in size). They found that HEPA filters removed near 100% of nanoparticulate matter. The graph below shows a high capture rate of particles that include those the size of COVID-19 virus. A further affirmation of HEPA Filtrations value can be sited in ASHRAE Position Paper from April 14, 2020. Here ASHRAE calls for Portable and local HEPA filtration in all medical and non-medical buildings.

Chart Showing results from a NASA Study on HEPA Filters

Results from NASA study on HEPA efficiency and nano particles

UV Germicidal Irradiation

UVGI Filter Implement

UVGI has been in use for decades. It is widely known that UVGI kills all known microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, molds and other pathogens. However, UVGI is not suggested as a stand-alone solution to microbial sanitation. The use of UVGI is termed an “effective adjunct” and that it should be used in conjunction with other filter technologies.

The image to the right is a UVGI Chamber used in the LA2-RC1-HUV HEPA /UVGI Air purifier.  This filter ensures any airborne pathogens that may have passed through the HEPA filter will be inactivated by a high dose of UV-C radiation.

ASHRAE has urged that all medic facilities use UVGI going forward.

Activated Carbon Filtration

To round out the filtering package we have added 2 stages of carbon filtration. These carbon filters remove harmful VOCs from the air stream. The LA2-RC1-HUV produces NO Ozone. Each unit is tested to a level of 0.01 parts per million for Ozone. If the smallest trace of ozone should occur the carbon filtration can remove that as well. This is a well-rounded product providing three types of filtration to help keep the air in your facility as clean as possible.

Adequate Air Flow from HEPA / UVGI Air Purifier

One big difference between this HEPA /UVGI air purifier and others on the market is high volume air flow.  ASHRAE has recently changed its recommendations on air changes per hour in medical settings. The old 2 ACH has been replaced with 6 ACH. Many units on the market are vastly undersized. The LA2-RC1-HUV can provide 6 air changes per hour to a space 30′ x 30′. It has a variable speed control to allow you to adjust it for whatever space you need. This is a Commercial Air Purifier: on turbo speed it is loud up to 71 dB(A).

Product Specifications:


Capacity   200-750 CFM
Unit Size   22 x 21 x 19
Unit Weight   115 lbs
Power   120v, AC/60HZ/5.5 amp
Sound Level   44-7 dB(A)
UV-C   60 watts
HEPA   99.97% to 0.3 micron
Carbon   (2) activated carbon filters
Mount   hung / wall / cart
Warranty   7 year
Bulb Life   1 Year
HEPA life   6-12 months
Carbon filter Life   3-6 months
  Room per sq. ft.                                                3,0000